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Trucking company hiring in Wisconsin

Are you looking for a truck driver job in Wisconsin but don’t know where to start? You can assume that most companies will vary in route and types of freight. Choosing to drive for Sisbro can provide you with a schedule that is flexible and fits your personal and family schedules. Your job will have…
Joey Elston-Sisbro Truck Driver

Driver Spotlight: Joey Elston

Do you find yourself bored on the job? Have you become comfortably numb to your surroundings and the tasks at hand? Is your family missing you more than ever while you’re on the road for your current driving job? Do you work a desk job and yearn for a change? Do your long hauls as…
Driving a Sisbro truck

Trucking company hiring in Kansas

Trucking jobs in Kansas can vary in route, company, and types of freight. Truck driving jobs in Kansas can provide you with a schedule that is flexible and fits your personal and family schedules, you can have a job that ensures you a paycheck and 100% paid health insurance for you and your family. You’re…
Truck Driving Jobs-Earl Burnett-Sisbro

Driver Spotlight: Earl Burnett

Sisbro is looking for new drivers and we think there are a few things you should know about us. Take for instance that our drivers choose live load or not and there is no forced dispatch. “You get to decide what you want to do. That makes it a pretty good company, I believe. Other…
Driving a truck for Sisbro

Trucking company hiring in Nebraska

Sisbro Inc. is based out of Quincy, IL but we are looking for people to fill our truck driving positions in Nebraska. Every one of our members of the driving team is offered a flexible schedule that will best suit the life we encourage outside of working. When you’re choosing a business to utilize for…

Relief for truck driver back pain

Truck drivers and other transportation workers have the highest risk for chronic health problems according to a Gallup-Healthways analysis. Sisbro supports the health of our truck drivers and team members. We came up with a few bits of advice when it comes to managing back pain and other health concerns on the road. Don’t sit…
Sisbro -Quincy, IL

Trucking Company Hiring in Oklahoma

Sisbro Inc. is hiring for various open driving-style positions for truck driving jobs in Oklahoma. When you drive for us, we are supportive of your family events and provide you with a flexible schedule to aid in your efforts for optimal home time. Every driving job is different; everyone has a preference on what type…
Mark Barnfield Truck Driver-Sisbro Inc.

Driver Spotlight: Mark Barnfield

As a trucking company, Sisbro makes sure that we are in the know. When it comes to our drivers, we ask many questions and ensure open communication with each member of the team. “They ask you if you wanna be home,” driver Mark Barnfield said. “They ask you when you want to come back out.…
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Trucking Company Hiring in Arkansas

Sisbro Inc. is hiring truck drivers all throughout Arkansas. Each one of our drivers has a schedule that best works for them and their family; we want you to be involved with as many family events as possible. Choosing an employer that is going to put you first is precisely what you’ll get when working…
Sisbro Truck Driving Positions

Is trucking the right fit for you?

Let us begin by saying that asking if a truck driving job is for you is like asking, “would I like being a surgeon?” That is difficult to know with 100 percent accuracy. You can’t try out being a surgeon and you definitely can’t just jump in a truck and hit the road. We can,…
About Sisbro - Quincy, IL

Trucking company hiring in Tennessee

Sisbro Inc. is in search of truck drivers in Tennessee to fill our various open driving-style positions. We provide all of our driving team members with a flexible schedule, a schedule that can also work around your family’s everyday schedules. With every career, you’re wanting a business that will put you first, an employer who…
Rose Driver Semi Truck Driver-Sisbro Inc

Driver Spotlight: Rose Driver

Truck drivers are you looking for a better fit? For more than 30 years Sisbro has been the trucking company for drivers who want to work for a company where drivers matter. “If you want a company that feels like family. That’s small. That knows who you are. Then it’s a great company to work…
How to Park a Semi Truck-Sisbro Inc

Trucking company hiring in Kentucky

Sisbro Inc. is looking for people in search of truck driving jobs in Kentucky. Choosing to drive with us can give you a flexible schedule, along with one that fits you and your family’s everyday schedules. With every career you’re wanting a business that will put you first, an employer who is making sure you’re…
Truck Driving Positions Available at Sisbro Inc.

Making Safety A Priority

We take driver safety very seriously. Our drivers are our number one asset, and we understand that in the trucking and transportation industry there is risk everywhere. Truckers carry a huge responsibility for their safety and the safety of others. Below is a list of our safety priorities. Join us in mitigating the risk! Be…
Trucking Company Hiring in Pennsylvania-Sisbro

Trucking Company Hiring in Pennsylvania

Trucking jobs in Pennsylvania are available and plentiful. Every company provides a broad variety of route and types of freight. Sisbro is based out of Quincy, IL but is in search of Pennsylvania residents who need a job that provides a flexible schedule that also works with your families daily life. In addition to a…
Sisbro truck

You’re a Name, Not Just a Number

At Sisbro, you are a name, not just a number. It’s time for you to drive where you matter and are listened to. When you’re in town everyone knows who you are and you’re always a member of the Sisbro family! “We want you to come because you want to make a career. We want…
Trucking Company Hiring in Ohio-Sisbro

Trucking Company Hiring in Ohio

Trucking jobs in Ohio can vary in route, company, and types of freight. Truck driving jobs in Ohio can provide you with a schedule that is flexible and fits your personal and family schedules, you can have a job that ensures you a paycheck and 100% paid health insurance for you and your family. You’re…
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Get your family and home time back!

Looking for more family and home time as a truck driver? There’s no need to figure out balance when you work at Sisbro. We’re a trucking company that respects a trucker’s family and home time above all else. “When I worked for the bigger companies, if you asked off, you were lucky if you got…
Truck Driving Recruitment-Sisbro

Trucking company hiring in Iowa

Trucking jobs in Iowa can vary in route, company, and types of freight. Truck driving jobs in Iowa can provide you with a schedule that is flexible and fits your personal and family schedules, you can have a job that ensures you a paycheck and 100 percent paid health insurance for you and your family.…
Sisbro Truck Driver-Cody Cecil

Driver Spotlight: Cody Cecil

Sisbro welcomes drivers that are in need of a change or coming into a new career. Do you wake up every morning and dread what’s to come at your current job? Do you need a change of scenery? Start anew with Sisbro! Driver Cody Cecil left a construction job to work for Sisbro. The local…
About Sisbro - Quincy, IL

Trucking company hiring in Missouri

Trucking jobs in Missouri can vary in route, company, and types of freight. Driving for Sisbro in Missouri will give you a flexible schedule, and a job with a dedicated paycheck and health insurance. You’re able to choose if you want a dedicated route or if you want your destinations to fluctuate. Learn why Sisbro…
New Haven Truck Driving Jobs-Sisbro

We value driver home & family time

At Sisbro, we want our drivers to have a win-win situation that includes a great job that pays well and one with valuable home and family time. We value our drivers and their home and family time immensely because we are a family-centered business who believes our employees’ needs should come first. The average trucking…
Sisbro Truck Driving Jobs

Trucking company hiring in Indiana

Trucking jobs in Indiana can vary in route, company, and types of freight. Driving for Sisbro in Indiana can give you a dedicated route, flexible schedule, and a job where you can live comfortably. Our drivers have the choice to have consistent routes and customers, or they can choose a less structured schedule. Learn why…
Sisbro trucks at the terminal

Flexible lanes/routes available

We have flexible routes available to Sisbro drivers. With these driving positions, you’ll see consistent home time with the flexibility you need. We stand out from our competitors with NO forced dispatch … this means you call the shots! This is great because you have a family and need more flexibility than what is offered…
Midwest Truck Driving Jobs-Sisbro

Trucking company hiring in Illinois

Trucking jobs in Illinois can vary in route, company, and types of freight. Driving for Sisbro in Illinois can give you a dedicated route, flexible schedule, and a job where you can live comfortably. Our drivers have the choice to have consistent routes and customers, or they can choose a less structured schedule. Learn why…
Paul Castellanos-Sisbro Chicagoland Truck Driver

Driver Spotlight: Paul Castellanos

With Sisbro, you drive where you matter. We have driving opportunities right where you are, and we understand that you know your neighborhood. We bring you balance and peace of mind with a job that sits as close to home as you need. Paul Castellanos is a local driver in the Chicagoland area. He does…
Benefits - Sisbro

Who is Sisbro?

Working in the truck driving industry is competitive and sometimes can be stressful. You’re consistently working to get the most of every mile you drive and trying to get the best rate for those miles. Sisbro Inc. wants to put an end to the uncertainty some drivers feel from their current employers. So, who is…

What You Need To Know To Be A Truck Driver

What you need to know to be a truck driver To be a truck driver you must have your commercial driver’s license, or your CDL. There are two classifications. Long-haul truckers must have their Class A CDL. Regional and local truck drivers in straight trucks must have their Class B CDL. Class B means that…

Pre-trip Inspection Guide for Truckers

Truck driving is a time-critical industry, so it’s important to make every moment count. Missing your pre-trip inspection can mean wasted time later on when you’re on the road and on deadline. That pre-planning can help you avoid certain disaster! Your pre-trip truck inspection is to double check the working condition of your truck. As…

5 Tips For Long Drives

Do you have a long drive in your near future? If you’re a truck driver, chances are this isn’t your first long haul. Harvard’s School of Medicine discovered that over 50 percent of participants would admit to driving while drowsy. But there are a couple of things you can do to make your trip safer…

GPS Woes for Truckers

For a regular joe, the failure of a GPS can lead you to miss your favorite restaurant. But things are a little worse for a truck driver en route to deliver a load. GPS failure can be significant when you’re stuck on a route that bans trucks altogether or when you’ve reached a bridge with…

Updated List of Apps for Truckers

Technology for trucker drivers keeps improving, and the apps being made are impressive. Apps are being created that could contribute to making your many miles easier, or even more worth your while. Safety while driving is your biggest responsibility, but while you’re parked you can enjoy some of the benefits these highlighted apps have to…

High Blood Pressure and Truck Driving

If you have high blood pressure, you may be fit to drive as long as you are working to reduce stage 1 or 2 hypertension. Your DOT physical will become part of your driving record and you may be medically certified to drive a truck anywhere from three months to a year depending upon the…

Tips To Keep Truckers Awake

Truck drivers must deal with unusual driving schedules and erratic sleep habits. Whether they get paid by the mile, by the hour, or by how much work is done, staying awake and alert is critical to productivity and safety. We put together some tips to help over the road drivers maintain the best habits. Nap…

Truckers and Sleep Apnea

Almost a quarter (24 percent) of respondents reported health issues as being a reason for truck driver turnover, according to the HireRight Transportation Spotlight. Life on the road is an extremely physically demanding occupation and certain health issues can be made worse by driving. One of which is sleep apnea. The FMCSA’s guidelines state that…

What Types Of Freight Jobs Are Out There?

Truck driver jobs are demanding and dangerous. The industry has various types of jobs that range in complexity and levels of training and conditions vary widely by the job. We are happy to take a few minutes to go over all the different types of freight jobs. Dry Van and Refrigerated Freight Dry van and…

Time Management On The Road

Employers are looking for truck drivers that can manage their time and prioritize their work. Good time management can bring with it reduced stress and a great feeling of accomplishment on the road. For that reason, here are a few things to help you get the most from each day on the job. Checklists are…

Distracted Driving and Truck Drivers

Sisbro wants all truck drivers to know the dangers and consequences of distracted driving. According to the U.S. Government, in 2014, 3,179 people were killed in crashes that involved distracted drivers. The NHTSA says that percentage of drivers text-messaging or visibly manipulating handheld devices increased from 1.7 percent in 2013 to 2.2 percent in 2014.…

Truck Driver Work Injuries

Truck drivers are at a higher risk than most for back, neck, and other musculoskeletal injuries thanks to the very physical nature of the job. In 2012, the rates of both fatal and non-fatal injuries and illnesses of truck drivers were higher than the average of all private industry occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau…

Your Truck, Your Choice

Let’s not wait for the new year to talk about better trucker health. Let’s do it now because your health and your truck driving career are important. Ultimately, your choices will help or hinder driving capabilities and we want to help all drivers make better choices. Choose healthier foods The first step is to drink…

Navigating The Roadway Alongside Semis In High Winds

High winds and severe weather create unique challenges for both the truck driver and other drivers. Sisbro put together a few tips to help the average car or truck safely navigate around tractor trailers in special conditions. Anticipate wind gusts The best way to deal with windy conditions is for both the truck driver and…

Technology Can Cause Trucker Setbacks

Truck drivers live in a society dominated by technology. Wireless mobile communication, GPS, tracking tech, electronic logs, and even mobile apps have become a part of daily life on the road. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad. Common sense Common sense tells a big rig driver that a bridge is going to clip the…

Truck Driver Summer Must Haves

Like the Boy Scouts, many truck drivers live by the motto, “Be Prepared”. Long hours on the road can become less profitable when you forget something at home. Over the road truck drivers even pay attention to the ever-changing temperatures and seasons, as their livelihood depends upon it. We’ve got a great summer list for…

What Really Grinds A Truck Driver’s Gears

The average person doesn’t come into your workplace and get inside your personal bubble, ready to cause life-or-death situations, yet that’s what many do to truck drivers daily. Being a truck driver is a lifestyle decision that can affect your safety constantly. According to, one person is injured or killed in a truck accident…

Careers in Commercial Truck Driving

There are many positives to a career in truck driving. Growth in the transportation industry is spurred by the increased adoption of new technologies that allow time-specific delivery and electronic tracking of cargo, according to Hoover’s Online. Nearly 70 percent of freight moved in the U.S. is on trucks. Trucking jobs are in demand. For…

Trucker Tips For Night Driving

Aim your headlights correctly The headlights on your truck are often pointed unevenly or lower or higher than necessary. With a little do-it-yourself adjustment, truck drivers can better light the way. Be careful not to point headlights right into oncoming traffic, and if you need to, read the manual to be sure you’ve figured it…

Apps for Truck Drivers

Apps for Truck Drivers OTR trucking jobs used to come with a disconnect. Truck drivers left friends and family for extended periods of time with only a phone call to stay informed. Then technology exploded! Along with the Internet, satellites, and smartphones came social media and GPS. There are apps out there built for the…

New Year and a New ELD Rule

It was a long time coming for truck drivers across the U.S., but at the close of 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) released a long-awaited Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule. According to the FMCSA, the ELD rule is intended to help create a safer work environment for truck drivers. They also aim…

Driving Home For Christmas?

The holiday season is especially hard on those with trucking jobs. ‘Tis the season for family time, gift giving, festive foods and more, but you’re sure to find some truck drivers on the road. The reality OTR jobs can keep drivers away from family and friends. The driver may spend days or weeks at a…

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