Truckers should rethink energy drinks

Jul 26, 2019

As a truck driver, it’s easy to reach for an energy drink when you’re on the open road. It makes you feel awake and ready to face the day, but did you know that there are enough negatives about them that you should seriously rethink this habit?

Energy drinks have some extremely serious side effects. Some of them include agitation, tremors, stomach upset, chest pain, dizziness, seizures, insomnia and even heart attacks. Just because they are easily available and look innocent enough does not mean that they can’t do some serious harm.

One of the most convincing reasons to stop drinking energy drinks is that they can cause increased anxiety and stress. Some energy drinks are actually found to contain more caffeine than it is advertised on their labels. Too much caffeine has been known to cause jitters and the chronic stress, and a racing heart from massive amounts of caffeine is not all that comforting either.

We all face the challenge of sticking to a good diet. Really all we have to do for motivation is think of the real benefits of maintaining a good healthy diet. Make a list to keep you motivated. More energy, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, graceful aging, stronger immune system, cheaper healthcare bills, the list goes on and on.

Not being intentional about our eating choices usually leads to obesity. Obesity leads to or greatly increases the chances of many health problems including but not limited to diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease, Sleep apnea, etc.

The next time you’re, thirsty consider reaching for water. Have a bottled water with every snack and every meal. Choose non-caloric beverages for best health results. Eat more fruits and veggies as their high water content will add to your hydration. (Did you know that roughly 20% of your fluid intake comes from foods?) Lastly, keep a bottle of water in your bag or in the truck with you.

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