Tips for a healthy sleep for truckers

Jul 31, 2020
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Safe driving is critical within our industry; after all, when you’re driving an 80,000-pound truck, it’s important to keep others safe on the road. However, this can be hampered by one of trucking’s biggest problems, sleep deprivation. The more fatigued you are, the chances of an accident happening increases. That is why healthy sleep for truckers is so important, but how do you accomplish this when you have deadlines to make and miles to travel? It may sound difficult but with a few quick tips, you can achieve good healthy sleep while on the road.

Create a Good Sleep Environment

When you have a good sleep environment you’ll improve your sleep tremendously. Accomplish this by blocking out all light around you by closing the curtains and truck shades in your cabin. If this doesn’t help do the trick then we recommend grabbing a sleep mask to help. In addition, wear earplugs to block out outside noise or use a “white noise” machine. Finally, keep your cabin or room’s temperature at a comfortable level depending on where you’re located. We’d recommend keeping your space nice and cool, but if you’re in a cold spot that may not be applicable.

Avoid Caffeine & Lights From Devices

Avoid drinking or taking any caffeinated substance 5 hours before you go to bed. Caffeine stays in your body for 5 hours or more  (depending on your sensitivity) so having some in your system can increase the chances you’ll have difficulty sleeping. Exposure to lights from a T.V. or phone can also have the same effect of disrupting your sleep. Don’t check your phone or start watching TV before bed, shut down all electronics beforehand so you can get some good rest.

Grab Some Exercise Throughout The Day

Exercise can contribute to better sleep and help you feel more refreshed and energized in the morning. While you’re hauling on the road try to take a few chances to step outside your cabin and grab some exercise to help your sleep efforts. If you’re not sure what routines to do check out our post on health and fitness tips for truck drivers.

Keep Consistent Sleep Schedules

Our bodies are creatures of habit. Predictability, and knowing what comes next is the best thing our bodies could ask for. So when sleep schedules constantly change it’s difficult for us to obtain good healthy sleep. Try to keep consistent sleep schedules at night so your body can maximize the benefits of good sleep and keep you well rested for the next day to come.

Upgrade Your Sleeper Cab

If you have to sleep in your cab grab a comfortable mattress topper for your bed along with some comfortable pillows too. The last thing you’ll want is an uncomfortable bed in the truck you have to sleep in. Make something better for yourself so you can have a good night’s rest.

Getting good sleep as a truck driver is imperative. With it, you’ll keep other drivers on the road safe as well as yourself. Make sure you follow these tips as well as any others you’ve come across to get yourself some good, healthy sleep. If you’re ever feeling drowsy at the wheel, don’t be afraid to take a quick 15-minute power nap too. Better to always err on the side of caution.