Is trucking the right fit for you?

Sep 7, 2018
Sisbro Truck Driving Positions

Let us begin by saying that asking if a truck driving job is for you is like asking, “would I like being a surgeon?” That is difficult to know with 100 percent accuracy. You can’t try out being a surgeon and you definitely can’t just jump in a truck and hit the road. We can, however, take a look at the qualities that make up a great CDL driver to see if it might be a match for you.

Clean Driving Record

Truck drivers must work very hard to keep an impeccable driving record. Their career depends on it. If you don’t have a clean driving record, chances are, truck driving is not for you.


Are you always accountable for your actions? Are you an independent thinker with the ability to make decisions that will determine the best outcome for your employer? Do you have positive control over your personal behavior?

The key here is that a truck driver is on the road by themselves for much of their career. They must accurately keep track of drive time, stick to strict safety requirements, be courteous to clients, and much more while on the road. A driver’s actions directly represent the company and management and can lead to the loss or gain of revenue.

Maintenance Skills & Knowledge of the Truck

Any truck driver would tell you that they’ve changed quite a few tires in their day. If you have a basic working knowledge of the truck, you will be better equipped to handle maintenance issues on any OTR haul. The truck has to meet compliance and other safety standards, so you will be required to pay attention to detail and work with your employer.

Stress Management

How well do you handle stressful situations? Stress can come in the form of traffic aggravation, delays, frustrating clients, deliveries that don’t go your way, and much more. Being away from your friends and family can also be highly stressful. While stress can’t be alleviated altogether, good truck drivers find ways to manage their stress levels including getting the right amount of sleep, staying physically healthy, and more.


Do you hate being late? Can you plan a schedule and stick to it? When you’re a truck driver, pick-ups and deliveries must be on-time. Your paycheck and the company’s profitability depends on it.

If you demonstrate most, if not all of the five characteristics, you should further explore obtaining your CDL Class A license. Most area schools offer CDL classes and have instructors or experienced truck drivers to speak with. You can also contact Sisbro directly to find out about our job opportunities and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!