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Women truck drivers wanted

truck leaving the Sisbro lot

For years the truck driving industry has been looked upon as men dominated. Sisbro Inc. is fighting back and providing the trucking industry with better footing to encourage women and men both to start their days on the open road and to feel accepted in their field, every day. All of the drivers at Sisbro…

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The life of an Indiana truck driver

aerial shot of truck leaving lot

Semi truck driving is becoming an increasingly more popular job industry due to people wanting to make their workday where they can have more say in their everyday schedules. Being independent on the open road is one of the most significant benefits that truck drivers are drawn to; there comes a peaceful feeling once it’s…

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Sisbro, Safety First

driving a Sisbro truck

Safety on the road is of the utmost importance for Sisbro, and we have some tips and tricks that you can use to make safe deliveries a day in and day out. Some of our tips include technology suggestions and different practices to use while operating a semi truck. Be aware of your blind spots…

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Put yourself in the trucker’s shoes

start the truck

The average person doesn’t come into your workplace and get inside your personal bubble, ready to cause life-or-death situations, yet that’s what many do to truck drivers daily. Being a truck driver is a lifestyle decision that can affect your safety constantly. According to, one person is injured or killed in a truck accident…

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Sisbro support staff are here to help

sisbro truck driver

More drivers choose Sisbro because of steady freight, home time, insurance, family-friendly atmosphere, and our safety-first mentality. Our support staff are the ones who make sure everything goes according to plan. They keep our drivers happy and on the road, making money. “If you’re bouncing around too much, bigger companies that don’t know you ……

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Drivers as helping hands

Side of a Sisbro truck

Each passing year there is another super bowl, this one with the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, but there will be another hard-working, and to most, an under-appreciated team that makes it all possible. What team are we talking about? Truck drivers bring all of the halftime stages and props to the…

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Truck Driver Work Injuries

Sisbro truck

Truck drivers are at a higher risk than most for back, neck, and other musculoskeletal injuries thanks to the very physical nature of the job. In 2012, the rates of both fatal and non-fatal injuries and illnesses of truck drivers were higher than the average of all private industry occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau…

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Healthy trucks, safe drivers

Hand on the gears

When your vehicle becomes your job, that makes regular maintenance an even more important task that all of our drivers regularly partake in. At Sisbro we continue educating our drivers on the importance of regular maintenance that we do on our trucks. With everyday wear and tear on your vehicles, it isn’t uncommon for them…

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Trucking company with open-door policy

Driving a truck for sisbro

Sisbro Inc. has an open-door policy for our team. We pair each driver with a fleet manager to address all their immediate needs, but sometimes there are concerns that cannot be addressed on that level. That’s when we ask that you speak to upper management to ensure that someone hears your concerns. Our open-door policy…

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New year, new truck driving job?

getting in the truck

Another year has passed and some of your peers may be encouraging you to create a New Years Resolution for yourself. Maybe you want to start eating better or give up plastic, but maybe you want to find a job that will work around your schedule and provide you with 100% paid health benefits. If…

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