Great mobile apps for truck drivers

Mar 5, 2020

If you are a truck driver and you are looking for a smartphone app that can help you in your journey, below are some of the best and free downloadable apps that you can have:

IHeartRadio App

This smartphone app is available is available on Android and iOS wherein truck drivers can to listen to their favorite radio stations while they are delivering their loads. They can choose a song from more than the 1,500 and more live radio stations wherein they can also create and customize their station based on their favorite artist and songs.

Budget Envelopes App

This smartphone app can be used by the truck drivers wherein they can add and schedule their upcoming transactions and create their income categories and reports of their income and expenses.

Audible-Audiobooks and More App

This app is best for those truck drivers who wants to enjoy a book but can’t purchase one. Through this app, they can download, a lot of classic and best seller stories, news and the like where they can listen intently while they are driving. This audiobooks can also be switch back and forth from listening to reading. Personal Finance App

This app allows truck drivers to manage and budget their money wherein they can view all their financial accounts in just one place. They can also track the cash that they have spent and view their upcoming bills that makes this app a best one to have for those on the go truck drivers.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

Truck drivers surely need a sound sleep after a long travel and they also need to wake up early for their next trip. This smartphone app will help them get a good sleep without getting jolt by the alarm clock because it analyzes the sleep cycle and wakes you up on your lightest phase of sleep that ensures you that you will begin your day relaxed and well-rested.

Relax Melodies App

This app will help the truck drivers calm their mind and fall asleep easily. It will help the truckers refrain from hearing unnecessary noise but instead they will hear sounds of the oceans, tweeting of birds and a lot more. The Relax Melodies app also have multiple alarms wherein they can have their favorite sounds that soothes every time the truckers would wake up in the morning.

The Weather Channel App

This app provides the truck drivers with condition of the weather for the day. It also checks the weather in the area where they are going to travel so that they will be informed ahead of time, so that they will decide if they are still going to continue their journey or not.

Mobile apps can streamline life for truck drivers, so we're happy to bring you some tech ideas to get you on the right track. Now that you have some options, make sure you check out what Sisbro has to offer. We're a company that will stand by your success in the industry. Click the apply now button at the top of each page here on our website and fill out the "fast track" application and take the first steps in joining our team.