Apps for Truck Drivers

Feb 4, 2016

Apps for Truck Drivers

OTR trucking jobs used to come with a disconnect. Truck drivers left friends and family for extended periods of time with only a phone call to stay informed. Then technology exploded!

Along with the Internet, satellites, and smartphones came social media and GPS. There are apps out there built for the smartphone of any trucker. Some apps are free and some come with a small fee, but nearly all of them have something fun to offer. We decided to pick a few to discuss in this blog, but we want to remind you that distracted driving is a real danger and these apps are not made for use behind the wheel. We hope you enjoy!

Waze – GPS, Maps & Social Traffic

Communicate with other truck drivers (and really any commuter) in your area through this free, community-based traffic and navigation app. The app offers live-routing, community-reported alerts that include accidents and more, voice-guided navigation, help finding the nearest gas station, sync to Facebook and calendar events, and much more.

Trucker Logbook – KeepTruckin

For the OTR driver looking to track logs on an iPhone or iPad for free, KeepTruckin is a valid option. The app is DOT and FMCSA compliant while being completely editable. You’ll be able to edit your logs, recap your hours worked, print logs, email or fax logs, get violation alerts, and more. KeepTruckin works with your phone’s camera and will help you complete DVIRs among other tasks.

Overdrive’s Trucker Tools – from Overdrive Magazine

Looking for a Walmart while out on the road? What about rest areas, a doctor, scales, or a truck wash? If so, give Overdrive’s Trucker Tools free app a try. The app prides itself on having the most accurate truck stop guide and the most complete data in the country. Truck drivers can use the app to find the lowest diesel prices, for real-time traffic information, for truck stop information by mapview, city, or exit number, for a trucker chat feature, and more. The Voice-To-Text feature makes this app easy to use.

Again, don’t forget that distracted driving is deadly. Use your tech responsibly and you’ll reap the benefits. Also, watch your battery … GPS features on all these apps can deplete your battery if it’s running in the background all the time!