5 Tips For Long Drives

Sep 20, 2019

Do you have a long drive in your near future? If you're a truck driver, chances are this isn’t your first long haul. Harvard's School of Medicine discovered that over 50 percent of participants would admit to driving while drowsy. But there are a couple of things you can do to make your trip safer and more comfortable.

  1. Get plenty of rest

When your body is tired, and you’re driving you have a higher risk of getting into an accident. To best be prepared you should make sure to get enough rest the night before you leave. Leave yourself time to get a complete 8-9 hours of actual sleep. Click here to read our tips to keep truckers awake.

  1. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to keep you alert on the road. A downside to drinking a lot of water is that you will have to make more stops to go to the restroom, but doing so will also keep you awake by not staying in the same position for too long.

  1. Sit up straight

When you are driving for numerous hours and your only scenery is an interstate you may experience a driving “trance.” If you ever feel like this, you should sit up your seat and do some stretches to loosen up your muscles.

  1. Have a good playlist

Whether you’re a podcast listener, or like listening to the popular songs on the radio, make sure you have a playlist ready to ensure that you're not on your phone while driving for road safety.

  1. Snacks

Traveling means that you won’t be eating very healthy because you’ll want to stop to get fast food and then get right back on the road. Be sure to pack nutritious and filling snacks to make sure you’re full and alert. Healthy suggestions include bite-sized veggies and hummus, yogurt or cottage cheese with granola, deli roll-ups or veggie wraps, and hard boiled eggs.

Safe driving is our goal. We encourage distraction-less driving for you and others on the road. Following these tips will help you stay alert on your long drives. Thank you for your caution when it comes to long driving jobs!