Technology Can Cause Trucker Setbacks

May 22, 2020

Truck drivers live in a society dominated by technology. Wireless mobile communication, GPS, tracking tech, electronic logs, and even mobile apps have become a part of daily life on the road.

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad.

Common sense

Common sense tells a big rig driver that a bridge is going to clip the top of his trailer, yet many drivers continue to trust the GPS no matter the situation. GPS is a convenient guide that should be used as a helpful suggestion and not the final word on a route.

When a trucker doesn’t put their electronic devices away, properly plan their route, or watch blind spots and the behavior of other drivers, it puts others in danger. Accidents are preventable with the use of common sense behind the wheel.


It can be hard for a trucker to stay focused when technology is all around. There are a million distractions. Should I check the GPS again? Someone is calling me! Did that app say a truck stop is up ahead?

Safety should be a driver’s number one priority. It takes dedication to put away the smartphone and stay focused on the drive. A driver should slow down, pay attention to their surroundings, and focus on their driving.

Chronic poor health

Drivers have easy access to portable DVR players, smartphones, and more. Technology makes leaving the cab of the truck less necessary for some. A lack of sufficient stress relief, proper rest, and physical activity can leave a truck driver at risk for infection, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other types of chronic disease.

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