Driver Spotlight: Rose Driver

Aug 24, 2018

Truck drivers are you looking for a better fit? For more than 30 years Sisbro has been the trucking company for drivers who want to work for a company where drivers matter.

“If you want a company that feels like family. That’s small. That knows who you are. Then it’s a great company to work for,” driver Rose Driver said.

Driving for Sisbro is different than driving for any other hauler. We’re not flashy. We just honestly want you to have balance and peace of mind when you’re in the truck.

At Sisbro, you choose over the road, regional lanes, or a dedicated local route. We have new routes or lanes opening regularly, so check out the availability here.  Above all, your family time is our priority. Having an emergency at home? We’ll get you there ASAP.

“I have had different family issues come up with my parents being sick and I needed to be home more and so my schedule has changed through the years,” Driver said.

Sisbro pairs you with a fleet manager to streamline your experience. It’s the fleet manager’s responsibility to take care of all your needs. Some of our fleet managers are former drivers, so they know what it’s like to be on the road.

“When I worked for the bigger companies, if you asked off you were lucky if you got home because they’d have you on the other side of the country,” Driver said. “With Sisbro, if you tell them you need off for family stuff they try to get you home because they want you to have the family time.”

One of the key reasons drivers tell us over and over about why they stay with Sisbro - "I'm a name, NOT a number!"

“I can call and talk to anybody within the company. Even the vice president if I need to,” Driver said.