Sleep and meditation apps for truckers

Dec 11, 2020

Technology has a lot of great tools to help us today. For example, sleep and meditation apps are very useful and effective. They are great to help wind you down after stressful hours of driving.

These are a few of our personal favorite apps and devices that really work, if you make using them a habit. Find one with a ‘voice’ that you like, that’s key.

  • Bluetooth Tracker — If you have a FitBit which analyzes your sleep, it can tell you if you were awake a lot, or not getting deep quality sleep. Using a sleep tracker like this to monitor your sleep habits can help you improve them to get better sleep each night.
  • iSleep Easy – A cheap app on iTunes
  • Calm Radio – By the month or annual subscription – look for discounts
  • Podcasts – There are great free Podcasts – we like ‘Meditation Oasis‘

If you’re feeling rugged after 7-8 hours in the rack, try to figure out why. It’s up to you as a professional to figure out what the problem is and fix it.

You owe it to yourself and others on the road to be well-rested. Driving tired is a major safety issue.

If sleep is a struggle for you, dig deeper to find out why. There are almost always underlying issues to poor sleep. It’s usually easy to identify simple issues and correct them to improve your sleep.