Your Truck, Your Choice

Nov 15, 2019

Let’s not wait for the new year to talk about better trucker health. Let’s do it now because your health and your truck driving career are important. Ultimately, your choices will help or hinder driving capabilities and we want to help all drivers make better choices.

Choose healthier foods

The first step is to drink fewer sugary drinks and have more water on the road. Smaller food portions and fruits and vegetables should be another priority for anyone, including truck drivers. You don’t have to give up fast food entirely, but try to choose the salad or grilled chicken in lieu of a double cheeseburger and fries.

Choose adequate sleep

You need your rest. Over the road drivers experience both physical and mental exertion and require the right amount of sleep for proper rest and recovery. Studies show adults need anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep. Too little and you’re tired, too much and you could see clouded thinking and other issues.

Choose to add exercise to your routine

Finding time to exercise while on the road can be difficult, but there are opportunities there. From the truck, you might do pushups, sit ups, and leg lifts before you even hop out of bed in the morning. Before you get going, try to incorporate stretches while standing. You can also park farther away and walk to your destination to get your steps in.

Choose to cope with stress

Develop a positive outlook on life through your everyday habits. By choosing exercise, sleep, and healthier eating habits, you’re well on your way, but you should also consider deep breathing exercises, frequent breaks, and power naps. These other habits can help you focus on your health and goals. This shift can help you put your priorities and health in perspective.

If you’re looking to make a change and grow in your professional career in a healthy way, consider joining the Sisbro team. Our truck drivers are family. Each person’s health and safety is our priority and we’re ready to help you grow.