Women in the trucking workforce

May 31, 2019

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes truck drivers, as well as several other manual labor jobs, as nontraditional for women.

Steadily, that is changing.

Women made up 6 percent of the 3.5 million sales workers and truck drivers employed in 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, but it was a 1.1 percentage-point increase compared with 2008. Further increases are expected in the coming years as female truck drivers become more accepted and younger drivers join the convoy.

Most of the women entering trucking are between 39 and 59, and there are many women older than 60 who still drive. However, trucking companies have been trying to recruit more female drivers, younger drivers and create a more friendly working environment. Many companies have developed programs to help female drivers balance over-the-road hauling with family life.

“Ten years ago you never saw that,” said Ellen Voie, president of Women In Trucking Association. “Ten years ago they’d say, ‘We don’t care if they are male or female.’ Now carriers are saying, ‘Wow, we want more female drivers because they actually are an asset.’”

The opportunities for female drivers are increasing, too.

John Starks, chief operating officer at FTR, a freight transportation forecasting intelligence company, told Northwestern University the improving economy demands more truckers to haul goods, but the current labor force is getting old and leaving the industry. There aren’t as many young male drivers interested in the profession to compensate.

It opens the door for female drivers.

They need to find qualified drivers,” Starks said. “If they limit themselves to a quarter of the labor force, it’s going to be a struggle.”

For years the truck driving industry has been looked upon as male dominated. Sisbro Inc. is fighting back and providing the trucking industry with better footing to encourage women and men both to start their days on the open road and to feel accepted in their field, every day. Women are encouraged to check out our open lanes and apply today!