Enjoying Your Mobile Office

Aug 30, 2019

When you think of a truck driving career, your potential office space may not be one of the first benefits that comes to mind. However, an office in the cabin of a truck may just be the work environment you're looking for. Here are some advantages to a traveling workplace:

Changing Office Views

As an OTR or regional driver, you can spend long hours on the road. However, this also means your office view is constantly changing as you experience new places and scenery. If you are someone who enjoys seeing something new every day, a career as a truck driver could be the path for you. Enjoy the open road and the sites that come with it; better yet, get paid while doing it.

Sunrises and Sunsets

It is easy to forget the beauty of a sunrise or sunset when you don't have the opportunity to appreciate them. Driving before the sun rises and after the sun sets allows drivers to experience the magnificence of the landscape they're driving through. Explore the region or country and experience the freedom of enjoying a sunset.

Office to Yourself

Just you and the open road. You won't have to share your office with a colleague or worry about someone standing over your shoulder. You have the freedom to work alone and at your own pace as long as the job is completed in the designated time frame. However, if you prefer to work with someone, ask your employer about working as a team. Drivers can sometimes bring their spouses on long drives with them once they've been established within the job for a time. Spouses can also go through CDL training and receive their commercial drivers license to work as a 'team' completing jobs. Check with your employer about the possibility of working as a team and if not, enjoy an office all to yourself.

Meet New People

Often times while working at a job, you will see many of the same faces every day. Working as a truck driver allows you to meet new people every time you make a stop. Sisbro offers a variety of lanes and routes that allows drivers the chance to interact and socialize with people they would not have met without the job. If the potential of meeting someone new every day entices you, a truck driving career could be the right move.

Short Commute

Waking up and heading to work doesn't get much easier than getting out of bed and taking a few steps to the office. With the sleeper located behind the cabin, drivers are able to work and sleep in the same vicinity. This also means you won't have to wear a suit to work every day if you don't want to. Some companies have a standard of dress they want their drivers to adhere to; however, as long as you look presentable to customers, your attire will most likely be casual.

You can experience these mobile office benefits with any truck driving company, but if you're looking for a company with great benefits that also puts you first, drive for Sisbro. Contact us today to talk about getting started.