Is a small trucking company right for you?

Dec 22, 2020

Truck drivers have a big decision to make. Should I go for a big trucking company or should I stick with a smaller family-type company. That question depends mostly on what you’re looking to get out of your trucking experience. Working for a smaller trucking company definitely has its benefits especially if you’re looking for a more personal experience.

Smaller Chain of Management

One definite benefit of working for a smaller trucking company is that there are simply less people to deal with. This means your concerns will be addressed faster and there are less hoops you have to jump through to address concerns to your management team. Less people also make room for more of a family environment where you can have closer relationships with the people you work with. At Sisbro, this also means that you have access to any manager all the way up to General Manager Glenn Bemis. He and everyone else are here to talk to any time.

Pay and Benefits

There might have been talk that smaller trucking companies don’t offer benefits or competitive pay. While this may be true for some, at Sisbro the goal is to stay competitive with the pay and benefit structures to ensure employees are getting the best there is to offer. Most companies will offer a breakdown of their pay structure so check them out and make sure it's right for you. Just because you haven’t heard about a company doesn’t mean they don’t offer competitive pay and good benefits.


Working at a smaller trucking company can make it easier for you to be recognized for the work you do which can lead to advancements in the company. If you’re looking to move up in a company, it's easier if you have a shorter ladder to climb and less people to impress. Even if your goal is to advance past what a smaller company has to offer, the experience you can get will help you continue your career at a higher level.

In the end there are plenty of reasons why choosing a smaller company is the right choice, but it's worth doing some research to determine which choice is the right one for you. Why not check out Sisbro while you’re at it?