A day in the life of a truck driver

Nov 20, 2020

You’re probably wondering about what life on the road is really like. Many of our drivers say the job of a truck driver is not a job at all; it’s more of a lifestyle that takes a massive amount of dedication and a certain type of personality.

A day in the life of a truck driver means independence. Typically, a truck driver will cover 400 to 600 miles in one day, amounting to roughly 8 to 11 hours on the road. The rest of the time is spent looking over the load to make sure it’s secure and stable, loading/unloading cargo, or doing vehicle check-ups before and after a long haul. There is also a small percentage of time waiting at shipping and receiving stations. Those who enjoy solitude get the most of the trucking experience. Not having to deal with customers or work a typical eight-hour shift is a bonus to them.

Years ago driving meant the ultimate in independence, but today, every truck driver is tracked by a GPS system so the dispatcher is aware of the drivers location at all times. They know how many hours are left to drive, how long a driver has been on the road and where the driver’s next destination is. If a trucker needs to know where to get gas, how fast to go, or which route to take, the dispatcher can instantly communicate with them through an electronic device in the truck.

Some say the most rewarding aspect of spending so much time on the road is the variety of places you are exposed to. There aren’t many jobs that give you the experience of waking up in a new landscape every day of the week, ranging from congested cities to remote desert terrain. It’s common for a truck driver to have been to every state by the middle of their careers. Traveling across so many areas can create time-zone confusion. It will take time and experience for your body to adjust to the sporadic sleep patterns and odd meal times.

From navigating through treacherous weather, finding your way through a busy city, or backing an enormous trailer onto a dock, the challenges are endless for a truck driver. A day on the job is never the same as the one before, which makes the career exciting and full of surprises.

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