Who is Sisbro?

Oct 4, 2019

Working in the truck driving industry is competitive and sometimes can be stressful. You’re consistently working to get the most of every mile you drive and trying to get the best rate for those miles. Sisbro Inc. wants to put an end to the uncertainty some drivers feel from their current employers.

So, who is Sisbro Inc.? We are a trucking company that not only makes promises about our standards, but we keep those promises. Our driving schedules are flexible to help give you the at home time you need for your busy lifestyle. We guarantee 48 hours at home, every five days.

We're looking to bring you some work-life balance and peace of mind in your driving career. We understand that you may not have that in the position you currently hold and we're ready to help you start fresh with a bright outlook.

We aren’t a flashy company, but we are a reliable company to work for. We also offer our employees 100% paid health benefits for their entire family. Knowing that your family’s health is being looked after gives you the peace of mind you need when you have dependents. Providing 100% paid health benefits for our employees and their families is how we stay a company that genuinely cares about all of our employees.

Working for Sisbro gives you a reliable agenda, we make sure your schedule is flexible to see your family and spend time at home when you need to. You’ll have options for how far you’re wanting to travel every day. Our drivers vary in staying local and also travel throughout the 15 states that we cover. You’ll find our home base in Quincy, IL, but we stretch much farther, traveling to Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and parts of Georgia.

Your skills will be valued with us; we make sure that all of our drivers feel comfortable with their routes, all of our drivers have a designated dispatcher. Consider applying for a job with Sisbro Inc. We can give you the job you have been looking for, one with stability, flexibility, and honesty.