Trucking safety refresher for warmer months

Mar 18, 2021

Sisbro drivers know there’s nothing quite like America in the summertime. The windows come down, the highways stretch through fields of green and the sunsets hang lazy in the sky. It’s enough to make anyone want to turn up the music a bit louder and hit the road—but therein lies the problem. Without winter’s black ice and bundling-up to worry about, everyone wants to be outside more and they can get less vigilant.

Knowing this, it’s our job to compensate. The following post may read a bit like those old fire drills we all had to do in grade school, but it’s important to us at Sisbro that our drivers—and those they serve—are safe and sound through summer.

Stop tailgating. According to, the most common vehicle trucks hit is the one in front of them. It can be hard to practice it when you’re on a tight deadline, but patience is still a virtue.

It's all about the little guys. When you spend so much time behind the wheel of a truck, it can be easy to lose perspective on the traffic around you. As drivers of vehicles both big and small tend to be a bit more carefree during the spring and summer, it’s important for you to be extra cautious. Signal early to give those who can’t see the traffic ahead of you time to slow down, and keep lane changes to a minimum to reduce the risk of a blind spot collision.

Watch your own truck. Mechanical problems come with the territory, but when they force you to pull over to the side of the road, highway or interstate, don’t be shy about drawing attention to yourself. Alerting fellow drivers with flashers, reflective triangles and road flares gives everyone time to adjust course. Needless to say, this keeps you safe and gives you the space you need to keep on keeping on.

Take it easy. It’s great to deliver on time, but not at the cost of your health (and that of those around you). If your eyes are feeling strained—stop for a caffeinated beverage, you deserve it. If you’re feeling drowsy—pull off and get some shut eye. If you’ve been driving for over 11 hours consecutively—stop. You’re violating commercial driver restrictions. Under any of these circumstances, call your Fleet Manager with updates—they’re there to help after all.

We're happy to keep your safety refreshed for the spring and summer months. Enjoy the weather and, as always, have a safe journey from your friends at Sisbro.