Driver Spotlight: Joey Elston

Nov 2, 2018

Do you find yourself bored on the job? Have you become comfortably numb to your surroundings and the tasks at hand? Is your family missing you more than ever while you’re on the road for your current driving job?

Do you work a desk job and yearn for a change? Do your long hauls as a truck driver keep you far from home?

Now is the time for change! Sisbro is just the change needed in your life!

Sisbro driver Joey Elston made a big change when he came to work for us. He was on the road most of the time and was missing out on time with his daughter and the rest of his family. Elston knew something had to give and was patient as his wife put feelers out there for something new for him.

“My wife was looking for a job where I could be home more,” Elston said. “Soon she found this place because she saw the website. Saw the pay. Free insurance. How I’m guaranteed to be home on the weekends. See my daughter more. Family and actually do more things.”

Driving for Sisbro is different than driving for any other hauler. We’re not flashy, but we have great benefits. One of which is great home time! Other benefits include 100 percent paid insurance for you and your family. Also, YOU choose OTR, Regional, or Local and whether or not to Live Load. There’s also no forced dispatch.

We want you to work with your fleet manager or dispatcher to ensure your comfort and happiness! They’re equipped to handle your needs and your preferences. We’re great in emergencies. Let’s say your spouse calls and needs you home for an appointment. Or an event pops up that you need to attend. Just call your fleet manager.

“If an issue comes up, call your fleet manager. I’ve had instances where something came up. I called them up. Hey, drop it here, pick this up, and go home,” Elston explained.

At Sisbro, we don’t just say that the driver matters. We LIVE it. If you want to hear from other drivers, make sure you go to our driver testimonials page here. They’ll tell you about all the things you can expect from a great company like Sisbro. Drive where you matter … apply online or call 1-888-228-2175 right away!