Our drivers select their own lanes
(another benefit of driving for Sisbro).

Take a look at the list below – is there a lane, load type, or hometime that most works for you?

Driver DomicileLaneTypeHometimePay ProgramNumber
QuincyAll LanesVan and ReeferDailyFlat8
St. LouisAll LanesVan and ReeferDailyFlat5
Kansas CityAll LanesVan and ReeferDailyFlat5
Des MoinesAll LanesVan OnlyDailyFlat6
ColumbiaAll LanesVan and ReeferDailyFlat6
DecaturAll LanesVan and ReeferDailyFlat5
PeoriaAll LanesVan OnlyDailyFlat5
Quad CitiesAll LanesVan OnlyDailyFlat5
MuscatineAll LanesVan and ReeferDailyFlat5
BurlingtonAll LanesVanDailyFlat6
Ft. MadisonAll LanesVanDailyFlat6
ChampaignAll LanesReeferDailyFlat6
ChicagoAll LanesVan and ReeferDailyFlat5
MilwaukeeAll LanesVan and ReeferDailyFlat5
New HavenQRPVanDailyMiles/Hours2
Chicago MetroAll LanesVan and ReeferDailyHours4
Between the Areaqcy chgo-qcyVan and Reefer2 daysMiles With Min4
Along the Riverqcy stl-iowaVan and Reefer3 daysMiles With Min7
Between The Areadm-qcy-iowaVan2 daysMiles With Min5
Grand Rapidsgrand rapids-decatur-chgoVan2 daysMiles With Min4
Between The Areaskc-qcyVan and Reefer3 daysMiles With Min7
Indianapolisindinaapolis-il-iaVan2 daysMiles With Min4
Madisonmadison wi-chicago-dec-qcyVan and Reefer2 daysMiles With Min3
Omahaomaha-qcy iowaVan-Hazmat3 daysMiles With Min5
St Louis or Cedar Rapidsstl-iowa-gales-qcy-stlVan and Reefer2 daysMiles With Min5
Between The Areaschgo-qcyVan3 daysMiles With Min5
Between The Areasfm-chigo-fmVan3 daysMiles With Min6
Columbiacol-qcy-cgo-qcy-colVan2 daysMiles With Min5
Louisvillelouisville-decatur-qcyReefer2 daysMiles With Min5
TulsaOK-MO-ILVan2 daysMiles With Min3
Qcy qcy-weston-qcyVan Dedicated Knap3 daysMiles Only1
Neosho Qcy-Neosho-CapeVan-Hazmat3 daysMiles Only3

Drive Where You Matter!