Safety Matters: One Moment at a Time

Jul 28, 2021
Sisbro Bob believe in yourself

"We realize not every moment will matter to everyone every day. Our goal is to get these small safety nuggets in front of our drivers and staff daily to help our overall safety awareness and culture." Glenn Meyers, Sisbro Director of Safety 

Sisbro Bob believe in yourself bitmoji

Can safety be informative and entertaining? That was the challenge for our Director of Safety, Glenn Meyers.

This led to the collaborative creation of Sisbro Bob, a fun character we introduced about two years ago through our driver portal as a bitmoji (custom emoji).

Locals may notice Sisbro Bob's striking resemblance to Quincy's own Bob Gough of Muddy River News. It isn't by accident; Gough is the real-life character behind Sisbro Bob.

Sisbro Bob winking bitmoji  Bob Gough broadcasting from the Muddy River News studio in Quincy, IL

What's a great character without great content, though?

Luckily, Glenn Meyers diligently created Matter Moments to serve as quick team safety tips.

Each weekday, Sisbro Bob pops up with a Matter Moment as a reminder on a safety topic.

These Matter Moments appear when drivers log in to our website's driver portal or the new driver app.

On Mondays, Sisbro Bob typically has a seasonal driving tip such as the ones below.

  • Spring – added travelers, severe weather
  • Summer – heat, construction zones
  • Fall – darker days, harvest season
  • Winter – ice and snow, proper footwear

Tuesdays through Thursdays, there are about 75 different Matter Moments on random safety topics.

These selectively repeat throughout the year, and the list continues to grow.

The character and content were only part of the efforts to make Sisbro Bob a reality. We also needed a technical and creative partner. For this, we collaborated with Vervocity in Quincy, IL. In addition to our website redesign, the team developed our driver portal and app, created the bitmojis, and filmed our team videos.

In the end, we feel we met the challenge to make safety informative and entertaining. True success lies within each team member who pauses to make safety matter—one moment at a time.


Our family trucking heritage goes back to the late 1950s with one truck and a trailer. Sisbro was formed in the 1980s and still reflects our family values: Sisbro, a combination of sister and brother. The business grew and, in 1990, we joined an organization to grow our customer base and take advantage of new technology. We kept the name Sisbro and still maintain our identity as a family business.

Based in Quincy, Illinois, our primary focus is serving customers in a 17 state Midwest region. Expanded coverage is also available upon request. We offer a variety of transportation, trucking, warehouse, and dock services to serve our customers. This includes regular contract trucking services and dedicated driver and equipment operations. Perishables, building materials, general commodities, and animal feed are just some products we transport.

Our fleet has grown with outstanding driver personnel behind the wheel and support staff in our office. This dedicated team is the key to our continued success and will be vital to our growth. Plans include fleet expansion with experienced personnel. This will enable us to continue to provide the high standard of service our customers have come to expect from Sisbro.