How To Capitalize On Your Truck Driving Income

Oct 25, 2019

With the truck driving industry experiencing a shortage of truck drivers, now is the time to begin your truck driving career. Trucking and freight companies are offering competitive benefits and opportunities for income growth, even for current drivers. Take advantage of these tips for growing your income and you could easily increase your yearly earnings above your base pay.

Take Advantage of Company Benefits

The monthly cost of health insurance premiums can quickly add up as paycheck deductions over the course of a year. Find a company that offers paid health insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, and other company benefits to keep money in your pocket. Sisbro offers 100% paid family health insurance premiums so you don't have to worry about another added expense each month.

Drive Safely and Cash in on Bonuses

Because driving safely is a priority, many trucking companies offer safe-driving bonuses to drivers. In addition to the safe-driving bonus, Sisbro also offers compliance bonuses, along with other ways to cash in on extra income. Stay within the guidelines of the multiple bonus requirements, and you could see thousands of dollars in bonuses added to your pay each year.

Refer A Driver or Receive a Sign-On Bonus

Are you a current Sisbro driver that knows someone interested in truck driving? Refer them to Sisbro and you could earn a bonus; actually, multiple bonuses that continue to earn you money even after the referred recruit is hired. If you are a current driver with Sisbro, check out your Driver Dashboard for more information on the referral program. If you are someone looking for a trucking company to work with, you could receive a sign-on bonus just for joining the Sisbro team. Call today to find out more information about the sign-on bonus.

Bring Your Own Food on the Road

One of the most common expenses while on the road is food. Weekly spend on eating out at restaurants quickly adds up when purchasing one to three meals every day. Bring food with you on the road to save yourself from spending the money you've earned from bonuses and additional pay.

By choosing a truck driving career, you also gain the opportunity to capitalize on your income throughout the year. If you would like to speak with one of Sisbro's recruiters, please call 888.228.2175. You can also fill out our contact form.