Embrace safety in the ice and the cold

Jan 22, 2021

Wet and harsh winter months require so much more than just your hands at 10 and 2. Staying safe on the road means being prepared for whatever winter weather can throw at you! 

As driving conditions deteriorate to less than ideal conditions, fleets and drivers can rely on safety technology and teamwork. At Sisbro, we work hard to proactively address risky driving behavior early and reach out to each driver with necessary coaching to ensure roadway safety. 

Through our safety program we teach our drivers to recognize fatigue and we empower them to make the decision to stop driving for any safety related reasons. Fleet managers at Sisbro support our drivers to know when they need to pull over — whether because of weather, road conditions, or fatigue. It is important that the driver is aware of their own needs and the driving conditions.

Each fleet manager is charged with staying ahead of ever-changing weather conditions and forecasts to guide the driver out of trouble. We’re always looking at the final destination and monitoring road conditions. We get our forecasts from multiple sources and share the details as often as necessary. Similarly, drivers are encouraged to share first-hand information with management and fellow drivers. 

Safety efforts continue with thorough equipment checks before every trip. Our pre-trip checklist helps confirm weather readiness. Each driver checks their windshield wipers, removes snow build up, checks fluid levels, and ensures tires and snow chains are in great condition. Sisbro notes that survival supplies like water, food, an emergency kit, and a flashlight should always be available to the driver.

Dress for success! That usually means coveralls, gloves, snow boots, and even portable heaters are used. The driver must always be prepared to face outdoor conditions. 

Our safety program teaches the driver to slow down and allow more space between vehicles and surrounding cars. We review bad driving habits and address any issues with targeted coaching to avoid collisions.

Sisbro drivers are focused behind the wheel in inclement weather and year round. They concentrate on the road and adapt driving behavior based on changing conditions. Although Mother Nature can dish out her worst during the winter, our safety practices work to ensure that our drivers make it home at the end of the day. If you want to be a part of our hard-working team, you should call 888-228-2175 to speak with a recruiter today!