4 things to know about regional truck driving jobs

Apr 16, 2021

Sisbro knows that there’s a truck driving job out there that’s perfect for every professional CDL driver. Our drivers can typically choose between local and regional runs. Finding the best balance of pay, home time, and physicality are usually a driver’s main concerns. For a driver who’s not looking to go too far from home, but still get out of town for a bit, a regional truck driving job may be perfect for you.

Regional truck driver jobs appeal to people for many different reasons. As opposed to Over The Road (OTR) or long-haul truck driving jobs, regional truck driver jobs operate in just one region of the country, allowing for shorter trips and thus more home time. Let’s look into what regional truck driver jobs entail, and why many people want them.

Consistent schedule and home time

Regional drivers enjoy predictability and set schedules. Driving a specific regional route, drivers can usually do a decent job of planning ahead. For someone who has active weekend plans, this might make a social calendar easier to keep. And keeps you from being someone who has to miss out on fun frequently because you are out of town.

For drivers that need to be home some nights and most weekends, regional truck driving jobs are a great option. Regional drivers have a defined area to cover. That can ensure a nice amount of home time. These jobs can be a great fit for drivers with kids and families.

Solo drivers preferred

If you enjoy driving alone, this is an excellent choice for you. Since these runs are usually shorter, companies most often leave the regional truck driving jobs to solo drivers. The work and pay for a regional driving job is best suited to a single driver.

Not as physically demanding

Regional truck driving jobs are usually not as physically demanding as local driving jobs. Local drivers make frequent stops delivering partial loads, which the drivers usually need to unload themselves. This can be quite a workout over the course of each day! Regional runs aren’t like that. In most cases, drivers don’t need to load and unload at each stop, but again, this depends on the company and type of haul.

Get home fast

The nature of a regional truck driving job usually dictates quick turns at each stop. For a driver, this doesn’t allow much time to walk around and stretch your legs and rest your eyes very often each day. Regional drivers are usually moving again shortly after they reach their destination. But the offset for most weekends and some nights at home can make it worthwhile.

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