Sisbro support staff are here to help

Mar 27, 2020

More drivers choose Sisbro because of steady freight, home time, insurance, family-friendly atmosphere, and our safety-first mentality. Our support staff are the ones who make sure everything goes according to plan. They keep our drivers happy and on the road, making money.

“If you’re bouncing around too much, bigger companies that don’t know you … you’re always starting out at the base pay. But in staying some place, you get to know the routes, you get to know the people, which lets you know how to plan your day, how to plan your week, how to plan your life,” Sisbro Recruiter Edward Conley said.

“We have done a lot of things to take steps to make things better for the driver. That is one of the reasons I like Sisbro so much. I’ve been here for 13 years, I was a driver for 18 years and this company has been the best one I’ve been with so far,” Retention Specialist Lance Stott said.

Every quarter, Sisbro has a safety bonus for drivers that have a zero percent preventable incidents or accidents. They get an extra penny per dispatched mile. This helps keep safety awareness a priority and provides recognition to those who stay on top of it!

Our team members say it all the time. Without our drivers, we wouldn’t be the company we are today. There’s no asset bigger than a Sisbro driver. Getting our driver’s home to their families is our priority, while their home time is at the top of our list. We listen to the drivers as they tell us what they want or don’t want. Taking care of the driver in turn ensures the customer’s happiness.

If you’re looking for more one on one attention, you’ve come to the right place. “Being a smaller company benefits the driver because we have more one on one attention. You don’t have to go through phone call after phone call to get who you want to talk to. You can talk to them directly. With the bigger companies, I have heard complaints that “I couldn’t make a funeral because I was on the road”, or “I couldn’t make a ball game,” or “I couldn’t make a wedding because I was on the road.” We don’t do that. If it is important to the driver, then it is important to us,” Stott said.

Before you talk to one of our recruiters at 888-228-2175, you should really check out all of the Support Staff testimonials, the Driver testimonials, and the interviews of our General Manager. They tell it how it is in their experience and you’re going to like what you hear. Lastly, click here to apply now!