It May Not Be Over – Ask About Being Rehired

Sep 27, 2019

It's common to believe the grass is greener on the other side, but what happens when the previous grass turns out to have been the better option? Life happens, and that's why some trucking companies believe in giving former employees the opportunity to be rehired. Exceptions do apply, however, and drivers will want to ensure they left the company with healthy relationships in place. If you are a driver thinking coming back and applying for rehire at Sisbro, remember these truck driving benefits:

  1. Trucks can be kept at home.
  2. Open-door policy between drivers, fleet managers, and upper management.
  3. Weekly direct payroll deposits.
  4. Opportunities for bonus pay.
  5. Family time is important and emergencies are accommodated.
  6. Family health insurance is 100% paid.
  7. Choose your own lane/route.
  8. No forced dispatch.
  9. Assigned fleet managers.
  10. You'll drive where you matter.

A multitude of reasons exist for leaving a job, and just because an employee left, does not mean he or she can't necessarily go back. If you still have a professional relationship, contact your former boss or manager about being hired again. If you do not feel comfortable contacting upper management directly, fill out an application online. Keep in mind, being rehired is not guaranteed. If you can avoid leaving your current position, it will pay off to stay because you will have developed professional relationships, learned the requirements of the business, and won't have to worry about a break in pay while starting a new job.

If you would like to talk to a recruiter about re-joining the Sisbro team, please call 888.228.2175 or fill out our contact form.