Winter safety tips for drivers

Nov 12, 2020

Limited visibility and cold, icy roads are just a few of the challenges posed by winter. Now is the time for our fleet managers and drivers to make sure their vehicles are prepared.

Sisbro can help.


The days are shorter, and visibility is poorer in the winter months. Helping to make sure our drivers can see the road ahead—and that other drivers can see them—is crucial to safety.

It’s time to set up a “Lights” service reminder to receive an alert every month. Then, we’ll inform our team when it’s time to inspect vehicle lights for breaks in the lenses or burnt-out bulbs.

Make sure you wipe away the salt spray on your head lights and taillights every time you fill up with fuel.

Tire Inflation and Condition

Fluctuation in outside temperatures cause tire pressures to rise and fall. Improperly inflated tires can dramatically impact overall performance of your tires. Plus, winter is pothole season—and that increases the likelihood of damage to tires that could lead to a blowout.

Make sure a quality tire pressure gauge and tire tread gauge are onboard. Then, make it a priority to check tire inflation and condition on a regular basis.

Battery and Cables

Cold weather and automotive batteries aren’t a good mix. When a battery is nearing the end of its service life, a cold snap is often what pushes it over the edge. As they age, the condition of battery cables can degrade as well. Left unchecked, the result is unexpected downtime, lost opportunities, and expensive emergency roadside service costs to get your vehicles back on the road.

To prepare for the unexpected make sure a quality set of jumper cables, along with clear instructions on how to use them, are onboard.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Salt, mud, and grime sprayed onto windshields from other cars on the road can quickly degrade visibility. Windshield washer fluid is the best defense.

Depending on your service area, during the winter months keep windshield washer fluid with a freeze temperature of at least -27°F to -40°F or better on hand.

We hope that these safety tips help you navigate the approaching winter months. If you’re a driver looking for a new gig, consider Sisbro. We value each and every driver and make sure that they are equipped to deal with safety concerns. Call our recruiter today!