Driver Spotlight: Mark Barnfield

Sep 20, 2018

As a trucking company, Sisbro makes sure that we are in the know. When it comes to our drivers, we ask many questions and ensure open communication with each member of the team.

“They ask you if you wanna be home,” driver Mark Barnfield said. “They ask you when you want to come back out. I sense a general … just, they’re interested in what your schedule is and what your needs are.”

You are paired with a Fleet Manager, who really gets to know you. They want to know your needs and ensure that the job fits your life plan. We want you to have home time and family time. We want you to be around when your loved ones need you.

We’re a small business that is able to take steps to make you happy in your career and home life. We do this by getting to know you as a person and making your needs our priority.

From the very beginning of your career here with Sisbro, we make your experience stand out. Take orientation for example.

“Orientation here was small. It was one-on-one … very friendly,” Barnfield explained. “I mean they personally take you out to lunch. Which I’d never heard of before. Usually with a bigger company, you know, you go to this cafeteria, you know, here they take you out for a good meal. I went … no one’s ever did this before!”

Our drivers come on board because of the personal relationship with our team and they stay for the great benefits that include home time, family time, the ability to choose OTR, regional lanes, or dedicated local routes, the ability to choose live loading or not, the benefit of NO forced dispatch, and 100% paid family health insurance!

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