Truck Driver Appreciation Week – Thank You Drivers

Sep 13, 2019

With National Truck Driver Appreciation Week wrapping up for this year (Sept. 8th through Sept. 14th), we want to say thank you to all the truck drivers out there, especially our drivers at Sisbro.

"The drivers at Sisbro are very important because we understand that without the drivers, the company doesn't exist." - Glenn Meyers, Director of Safety

Roughly 3.5 million personnel, both men and women, account for the nation's truck drivers. Without these drivers, the nation would suffer an economic crisis. Thank the truck driving industry this week for providing the following services:

  1. Your Shopping Center Inventory - Truck drivers not only deliver the goods for retail and grocery stores, but they also ensure food is delivered safely and in a timely manner. The transportation of food can be spoiled if goods are not delivered on time, so thank a truck driver for delivering fresh food to your local grocery store.
  2. Restaurant Supply - Large chain restaurants and some local restaurants rely on food and product shipments from truck drivers. Food industries often require multiple shipments per week to reduce the chance of food spoilage, so thank a truck driver for providing the in-stock goods it takes to make your favorite cheeseburger meal.
  3. Benefiting the Nation's Revenue - Because truck drivers transport almost every type of good from food to gas to construction materials, they help businesses maintain their revenue sources by delivering products on-time and in-tact. Without truckers, businesses would run out of supplies so thank a truck driver for supporting the economy running.
  4. Opportunities for Employment - Trucking companies are constantly hiring new drivers. The demand for goods continuously grows and thus creates a continuous demand for drivers. A truck driving career requires minimal schooling, and obtaining a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) can be completed in as little as two months depending on your state.

While we want to appreciate truck drivers this week, we also know it takes a team to run a successful trucking operation. To everyone in the trucking industry, from fleet managers to drivers to support staff and more, thank you for supporting the nation's economy and doing what you do every day.