Sisbro, Safety First

Mar 1, 2019

Safety on the road is of the utmost importance for Sisbro, and we have some tips and tricks that you can use to make safe deliveries a day in and day out. Some of our tips include technology suggestions and different practices to use while operating a semi truck.

Be aware of your blind spots

Looking out for smaller cars on the road is vital to keeping yourself and other drivers safe.

Follow work zone speed limits

There is a large percentage of fatal accidents that happen in work zones every year that involve large trucks. While driving in work zones, always abide by the speed limits and check your surroundings for workers.

Regular truck maintenance

Making routine maintenance on your truck can lead to fewer breakdowns and a longer life for your engine. When your truck is running correctly, you’re able to get to your deliveries on time and safely.

Keep up with the forecast

Knowing what the forecast is for the areas you’re going to can give you a better idea on what the road conditions will be like for the entirety of your drive.

Go technology hands-free

Before you head towards your destination, have your GPS set. Also, sometimes you’ll get phone calls while on the road; go hands-free with a Bluetooth headset or wait to call them back until you’ve stopped driving. If you do choose to use a Bluetooth headset, be sure not to use it in school zones or construction zones.

Safety at Sisbro is an essential standard for all of our drivers; we hope that you look out for yourself and other drivers every time you hit the road to keep everyone safe.