Choose Your Own Truck Driving Lane or Route

Jun 5, 2020

Local, Regional, Over-the-Road (OTR) -All options available to drivers who work for Sisbro. We believe in drive location flexibility, and drivers are able to choose their own lanes or routes. Whether you prefer to spend time on the wide open road or at home regularly, Sisbro has an opportunity for you.

If you enjoy being home daily, a local route would be the option for you. It can be easier to maintain a work/personal life balance when the option of going home every night is available. Less time behind the wheel is required for a local truck driver which also cuts down on the amount of time spent sitting in one day. More stops and loads are often required throughout the day which requires engaging in more daily physical activity than an over-the-road driver. Sisbro currently has an opening for a local driver in New Haven, Indiana, but feel free to call 888.228.2175 to inquire about other local lanes/routes.

Regional truck driving allows drivers to be home a couple nights a week and most times on the weekend. If being home nightly is not a necessity, but you still like to be home more often than not, a regional option would be for you. Regional driving provides both time on the road and time at home for those that enjoy seeing new places while still remaining close to home. A social life is also easier to manage when a driver is able to go home more often during the week. Familiarity with the route can also help provide a level of comfort within drivers knowing that they will commonly frequent the same pick-up and drop-off locations. The regional routes currently offered by Sisbro include St. Louis, MO, Kansas City, MO, Chicago, IL, Burlington, IA, Milwaukee, WI, Grand Rapids, MI, and more which can be viewed on this list.

The wide-open road and more driving freedom are two benefits of choosing an OTR route. You will, essentially, spend most of your time in an office on wheels without anyone looking over your shoulder at all times. You are expected to communicate with your dispatcher (fleet manager) and deliver your load on-time and without incident, but the amount of freedom you have to just drive is greater than a local or regional route. Traveling is part of an OTR job, so if you like experiencing new places, that could be the option for you. Contact us for more information on Sisbro's OTR truck driving opportunities.

A table of our current lanes and routes is available on the lanes/routes page. However, openings may become available that are not immediately updated so please call 888.228.2175 if you are interested in becoming a driver for Sisbro. Not only will you be able to choose where you drive, but you will also be able to choose live loading or no live loading. Driving for Sisbro means you'll be driving where you matter, and we strive to show that every day with home time, no forced dispatch, 100% paid family health insurance, flexibility, and more.