What’s a dedicated truck driver?

May 9, 2019

Most truck drivers are “dedicated” to their jobs, but not all are dedicated truck drivers. Does that make sense? Starting in the industry, you’ll see all types of truck drivers. Some are independent contractors, some are over-the-road drivers, but then there are also dedicated truck drivers. This is when a driver operates in a specific area, delivering freight to the same customer on a set schedule.

Many dedicated truck drivers make their choice because there is more home time in a regular pattern. With customers close to home, you’ll make it home multiple times per week and often that occurs daily. This is a huge change from the typical over-the-road experience where you are away for sometimes weeks or months at a time. Consistency is key here but be aware that you make have small changes to this daily schedule if a delivery time changes, there’s bad weather, or you face traffic delays.

As a dedicated truck driver, you’ll also find it convenient delivering to the same customer day after day. You’ll get to know them on a personal level and know what makes them tick. You’ll feel a sense of pride when it comes to complete customer service and the customer will enjoy the benefit.

It’s relaxing to know your terrain like the back of your hand, too. Once you’ve traveled your set route a couple of times, you’ll begin to learn the best ways to navigate and know when traffic might be a setback. It’s a very efficient way to travel but be aware that if you see this as a burnout risk, you might be better suited to OTR. Don’t worry though as Sisbro also offers this option if you need to switch!

Once you have earned your CDL and experienced at least six months of on-the-job truck driving experience, come see Sisbro to learn about our open lanes. Throughout the industry, dedicated truck driver positions are seen as very competitive, but Sisbro often has openings that could work for you. Call 888-228-2175 to talk to a recruiter anytime and don’t forget to take in our driver testimonials when you get the chance. We also make it easy to apply online! Best wishes in your journey as a truck driver.