Drivers as helping hands

Feb 1, 2019

Each passing year there is another super bowl, this one with the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, but there will be another hard-working, and to most, an under-appreciated team that makes it all possible. What team are we talking about? Truck drivers bring all of the halftime stages and props to the field, the food to your grocery store and the stadium, and so much more!

It’s not common for people to think about the helping hands behind such a significant event, but we are here sending our biggest thank you to all truck drivers around the United States that consistently can make one of the most significant entertainment events possible every year. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you’re bound to attend a super bowl party, whether that’s at your house or a friend’s. You also may not be interested in the game, but maybe just the commercials and food, but all that food had to make it to the grocery store somehow; reliable truck drivers is your answer.

Sisbro of Quincy, IL wants all super bowl watchers this year to remember when they’re watching the game all of the dedicated truck drivers that made it possible. If you’re looking to join a team where your position will matter, learn more about our open positions and apply for one of our truck driving jobs today!