Get ready for your DOT physical

Oct 31, 2019

When it’s time for your DOT physical exam, there are a few things you can do in advance to make it go smoother. Passing this physical means you’ll be given a driver’s clean bill of health, and more importantly, can continue to work from your cab for a living. Not passing- well, we’d prefer not to think what we’d be doing if we weren’t on the road. So, in order to perform your best at your mandatory DOT physical, here are a few tips to help you get things off on the right foot.

Bring the Essentials

Chances are you’re not going to your family physician for your exam, but a company provided doctor. These folks don’t know you lie your own care provider does, so showing up in the best shape possible and with all your necessities is critical.

If you wear glasses, contacts, or hearing aids, be sure to bring them along. Your license requires you to wear these things, and they are part of your physical. If you can’t read the eye chart of hear what the doctor is saying, chances are you won’t be passing your physical.

If you are on physician prescribes medications, bring them along, as well as the prescriptions themselves with the name and contact information for the doctor who prescribed them. On the same note, if you are undergoing treatment for any conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, sleep disorders, etc, bring along your treatment file to share with the examining doctor. The more information they have about your treatment, the better your chances are for getting a clean bill of heath as far as the DOT physical exam requirements are concerned.

Come Physically Prepared

Before showing up at the physical, try and not be just coming off the road. Get a good night’s rest the night before, and make a conscious effort not to drink alcohol within 24 hours of the exam. Booze can run havoc with your blood pressure, and this isn’t looked upon favorably by examining doctors.

Arrive to the doctor’s office at least ten minutes early to fill out your appropriate paperwork and to catch your breath. Entering an exam flustered and in a rush might cause the physician to think you’re like that all the time- take it slow for your DOT physical exam and you’ll be fine.