Five Signs You’re Meant to be a Truck Driver

Jul 19, 2019

Deciding on a career can be a frustrating experience if you aren't sure what is it you want to do. The truck driving industry offers advantages allowing for flexible schedules, time off, and paid benefits. Along with the multitude of benefits offered by companies such as Sisbro, you may find yourself relating to these five signs that you're meant to be a truck driver.

School isn't for you

Higher education isn't for everyone, and becoming a truck driver requires very little training. To become a truck driver, you must earn your Commercial Driver's License (CDL), but the training and test can be completed quickly, usually less than a month. After you have earned your CDL, you can start applying for jobs and be on your way to your new career.

You want earning potential

Truck drivers are in high demand, and companies are offering competitive benefits to entice drivers to work for their company. At Sisbro, we offer sign-on bonuses, orientation pay, safety bonuses, hourly pay, 100% paid family health insurance, and other bonuses to help increase your earning potential. We want you to drive where you matter, and we're here to show you that you do.

You enjoy driving and seeing new places

With the ability to choose your own lanes and routes, you have the potential to visit places you would not have had the chance to without truck driving. You'll unload in cities with thousands of people to cities with millions. New scenery, new people, and new places are part of a truck driving career, and better yet, you'll get paid while seeing it all. A truck driving job is great for people who want to be adventurous and embrace new opportunities.

You prefer to work alone

The majority of a truck driving job will consist of working alone and relying on yourself to get the job done. It offers the freedom of long hours on the open road with the comfort of knowing you don't have to rely on someone else to move the cargo. You will talk with people at pick up locations, drop-off places, and over the radio, but most of the job will be spent experiencing the solitude of an open road and a job to do.

You just got out of the military

Transitioning to a career in civilian life from military life can be intimidating, but choosing a career in truck driving can help make life easier and manageable. Reliability, dependability, and ability to stick to a schedule are all part of the job, and former military personnel can find comfort in a career with similar standards. Programs are available to assist with obtaining a CDL and financial assistance. Learn more about military and the truck driving industry here.