Healthy trucks, safe drivers

Jan 18, 2019

When your vehicle becomes your job, that makes regular maintenance an even more important task that all of our drivers regularly partake in. At Sisbro we continue educating our drivers on the importance of regular maintenance that we do on our trucks.

With everyday wear and tear on your vehicles, it isn’t uncommon for them to have some minor issues. When you’re making regular maintenance on your vehicle you’re giving your semi truck the TLC it needs to be able to safely run the necessary long miles, every day. Just like you watch out for your health, you should looking out for the health of your vehicle. If your semi truck isn’t running its best that can lead to slower delivery times, or even worse, a potential safety hazard. Sisbro not only looks out for the safety of our employees while they’re driving their loads everyday, they look out for their family as well by providing them with 100% paid health benefits.

Working for a company that values your safety and the consistent upkeep of your work vehicle is a company that cares about their drivers. If you’re interested in learning more about driving for Sisbro and any of our available positions Apply Now at the top of the page.