Sisbro stands for family

Jan 29, 2021

Sisbro has been a family business for more than 60 years. What began as an LTL business with one truck and a trailer, is now a major trucking company based in a 17-state Midwest region. 

Our General Manager Glenn Bemis continues the long-standing tradition of great service. To this day, the excellent work ethic of our founder G. H. Bemis lives on in the Sisbro family. When it comes to trucking, superior service is still at the heart of our business.

Local and regional lanes

Based in Quincy Illinois, the primary focus of Sisbro, Incorporated is serving customers in the Midwest, with expanded coverage available upon request from our customers. We offer a wide variety of transportation, trucking, warehouse and cross-dock services in order to serve our customers in a variety of ways. This includes regular contract trucking services and dedicated driver and equipment operations in all areas of industry including, but not limited to, grocery-perishable, building materials, industrial, general commodities, paper, animal feed and packaging companies.

Safety Standards

We have dedicated Fleet Managers and you can be sure that your load will be delivered in a safe, secure and timely manner. Sisbro has a large number of drivers that have been with the company for many years. We also ask that drivers meet strict criteria in terms of driving experience and driving records. We follow all safety guidelines as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as all state and federal mandates in response to COVID-19. 

We work hard to ensure that your load will arrive at its destination in perfect condition, at a specific and agreed upon time. We care about customer satisfaction because our employees and management work and live in the surrounding community. 

Your family is our family

We understand that each driver has different weekend needs. During our orientation, we ask what time you want to begin and end your workweek. Our operations people will plan your dispatch to meet your needs. Sisbro also understands that events pop up and we guarantee that, with two-weeks notice, we can get you there! We have many drivers who have special requirements and appointments. When you turn in the Sisbro time-off form, we will get you home.

Our drivers tell us over and over why they stay with Sisbro. It comes down to the fact that you are a name and NOT just a number! If you’re looking for a family-oriented career with a strong company that has a small-business vibe, Sisbro could be the one for you. Look for the Apply Now button at the top of this screen to get the ball rolling!