Truck Driver Summer Must Haves

Jun 20, 2019

Like the Boy Scouts, many truck drivers live by the motto, “Be Prepared”. Long hours on the road can become less profitable when you forget something at home. Over the road truck drivers even pay attention to the ever-changing temperatures and seasons, as their livelihood depends upon it.

We’ve got a great summer list for truck drivers to use as a starting point. Some of these items are a necessity and some are purely extras that could make life easier.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is our first must have item. Drivers see many hours on the road with sun on one side of their face and body. Others load and unload freight for themselves. These situations which are unique to drivers and truckers can expose the individual to damaging UVA and UVB rays. Cut your risk for skin cancer and accelerated aging effects with a good sunscreen. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses for extra protection. (Stay tuned for another blog on this topic as we could go on and on regarding the topic.)

Bug Spray: In the Spring and Summer months, bugs like mosquitos and gnats are out in full force. Grab a repellent like Off! Deep Woods or Sawyer brand that contain deet, lemon and eucalyptus, or picaridin as an active ingredient. Vanilla and pine oil is also often used when gnats are involved.

Water: Whether you stop for water breaks as a truck driver or pack your own, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Stick to a schedule so dehydration doesn’t catch up to you.

Proper Clothing: Stay cool with appropriate hot-weather clothing choices. As a truck driver, you may find sweat-wicking fabrics like polyester a good option. Light colors, including white, will also help you stay cool.

Window Covers: Pop-up or cardboard window covers can keep your truck’s cab from really heating up in the sun. You might even invest in a smaller shade for your smaller windows for use while driving. Find them online or in the children’s section of retail stores.

Cooling Cloth: You can now find cooling cloths or towels online and in stores. Once wet, the fabric can cool you down and keep you cool for a period of time. If you can’t find one of these wonders, a cold water bottle out of the cooler can also work wonders on the side of the road!

We know that with at least the first three items listed here, you’re bound to stay on the right track each trip out of town. Add on any combination of the remaining items and you’re going to be able to drive on through any amount of heat!