Tips for a healthy sleep for truckers

Why Sisbro?-Truck Driving Jobs

Safe driving is critical within our industry; after all, when you’re driving an 80,000-pound truck, it’s important to keep others safe on the road. However, this can be hampered by one of trucking’s biggest problems, sleep deprivation. The more fatigued you are, the chances of an accident happening increases. That is why healthy sleep for truckers is…

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Reasons to be an OTR driver

truck leaving the Sisbro lot

Are you thinking about taking an OTR job? We’ve got a few reasons this could work for you! If you want to make more money year after year. On top of the unique work lifestyle, long haul truck drivers are making 17% income than the previous year. Bonuses for experienced and safe drivers make it…

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Lanes available for incoming truck drivers at Sisbro

Sisbro driver on the road

Lanes are available for incoming truck drivers at Sisbro, Inc. Sisbro serves 17 states in the Midwest region with expanded coverage available upon request from our customers, so when you drive for us you pick what’s right for you! Our trucking company has multiple open lanes, some of which are dedicated routes, with daily or…

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Making drivers feel special

Truck Driving Benefits Sisbro

A big part of driver retention for any trucking company is to make the drivers feel like individuals instead of just another number. One of the key reasons drivers tell us over and over about why they stay with Sisbro – “I’m a name, NOT a number!” Sisbro is a small, yet growing, company and…

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Meaningful listening material for truckers

Truck Drivers are on the road for a long time and during those hours behind the wheel it’s important for them to find meaningful listening material. Truckers are all about efficiency and want to get the most out of their time so many people wonder: What do Truck Drivers Listen to While Driving? The Radio…

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