Celebrating Family, Community, & Success

Alex Meyers Signing

Sisbro Director of Safety Glenn Meyers, his family, and friends celebrated daughter Alex Meyers signing with Duquesne University’s D1 Triathlon team this week. The entire Sisbro team wishes Alex the best as she takes all of the grit, determination, and commitment she’s learned so far and advances to the top tier of triathlon athletes in…

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Sisbro Receives National Safety Award for Second Straight Year in a Row

2021 Platinum National Safety Award by Great West Casualty Company

Happy National Logistics Day! We’re especially proud to be presented with a Platinum National Safety Award by Great West Casualty Company today! This marks our second straight year of earning the highest safety award. We credit our drivers, with the support of our team, for this honor. The National Safety Awards program recognizes motor carriers in…

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Sisbro Receives National Safety Award

Great West Casualty Company Safety Representative presenting Sisbro Director of Safety Glenn Meyers with 2020 Platinum plaque for National Safety Award

We are excited to share Sisbro was presented a Platinum award by Great West Casualty Company as part of its 2020 National Safety Awards program!  The National Safety Awards program recognizes motor carriers in similar operations (truckload and less than truckload) with awards based on their year-end preventable crash results.  Carriers are eligible to receive…

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Safety Matters: One Moment at a Time

Sisbro Bob believe in yourself

“We realize not every moment will matter to everyone every day. Our goal is to get these small safety nuggets in front of our drivers and staff daily to help our overall safety awareness and culture.” Glenn Meyers, Sisbro Director of Safety  Can safety be informative and entertaining? That was the challenge for our Director…

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A Partnership Built For The Long Haul

Sisbro General Manager Glenn Bemis, Executive Vice President Mid-West Truckers Association Brent Schaefer, and Sisbro Safety Manager Glenn Meyers attending MTA's Western Advisory Board Meeting at Tower of Pizza in Quincy, IL May 27, 2021.

Leave the dance with the same girl you came with is a favorite sentiment of Sisbro’s General Manager Glenn Bemis. That’s just one reason we relate to the Mid-West Truckers Association, Inc.’s motto—A partnership built for the long haul. 60 Years of the Long Haul What began in 1961 with four small trucking companies has…

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Community Matters: The Last Thing to Worry About

Sisbro truck and driver outside Quincy, Illinois YMCA

“The last thing they need to worry about is logistics. We can help with that.” Glenn Bemis, Sisbro General Manager This simple statement speaks volumes to how we operate our Midwest trucking business. We find a way and we make it work. When it comes to our community, this is our home too. If there…

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Mobility exercises in the truck

man suffering from back pain; sick african man with back joint pain, osteoporosis, bone arthritis, gout, symptoms; body sickness, health care or pain concept; adult african man or black man model

Truck drivers and chronic back pain go hand in hand due to long hours in the seat and near-constant vibrations from the road. There are easy stretches and adjustments drivers can make throughout the day to make truck driving friendlier to your back. Make sure you consult your physician before changing your health routine. Before…

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Reduce truck driver stress on the job

Sisbro truck with the words We are here to help on the side of the truck

Truck drivers experience stress just like nearly every other job. Stress is your body’s way of dealing with challenges and change. It becomes a negative thing when facing constant daily challenges without taking time to relax and unwind. Stress can have a tremendous effect on your body and you might not even realize it. Common…

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Truck driver loading dock etiquette

Truck backing into a loading dock

For the most part, truck drivers have the freedom of working alone while driving on the road. This aspect of the trucker lifestyle is what entices many new drivers to begin their careers. But that’s not it to the job. There is a call to interact with others at the loading dock. It’s up to…

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4 things to know about regional truck driving jobs

Sisbro truck getting on the road

Sisbro knows that there’s a truck driving job out there that’s perfect for every professional CDL driver. Our drivers can typically choose between local and regional runs. Finding the best balance of pay, home time, and physicality are usually a driver’s main concerns. For a driver who’s not looking to go too far from home,…

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