Dedicated truck driving in the new year

Sisbro Truck Driver-Cody Cecil

Dedicated truck drivers usually work for only one company at a time. These drivers don’t usually own their own trucks, but will drive the trucks provided by the company they are employed with. An example a dedicated driver’s routine is simple – think of a driver that picks up a delivery for a big box…

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A day in the life of a truck driver

side of sisbro truck

You’re probably wondering about what life on the road is really like. Many of our drivers say the job of a truck driver is not a job at all; it’s more of a lifestyle that takes a massive amount of dedication and a certain type of personality. A day in the life of a truck…

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Winter safety tips for drivers

Sleep Priority Truck Driving Sisbro Quincy IL

Limited visibility and cold, icy roads are just a few of the challenges posed by winter. Now is the time for our fleet managers and drivers to make sure their vehicles are prepared. Sisbro can help. Lights The days are shorter, and visibility is poorer in the winter months. Helping to make sure our drivers…

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Healthy snack choices on the road

Truck driver's hand on console

Truck drivers are always on the move. That makes eating and finding healthy snacks for truck drivers an ongoing challenge. Usually, truck drivers resort to truck stops or fast food restaurants as their food choice because they are conveniently located, and drivers can be served relatively quickly. However, healthy snacks for truck drivers are just…

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