Helping truckers beat sun damaged skin

Sisbro truck driver walks around trailer

There’s a running joke about a trucker’s tan lines. But what about the dangers of that sunlight? It may seem strange – there’s a thick pane of glass between yourself and the sun…not to mention nearly 93 million miles between the Earth and the sun. Regardless, our skin is sensitive to the UVA and UVB…

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How truck drivers can save money on the road

Sisbro driver behind the wheel of a truck

Truck drivers can spend upwards of $1000 on work-related expenses monthly. Things like finding fuel, food, and places to rest can take a heavy toll on the finances if not properly managed. There are many drivers that struggle as they try to keep money in the bank and feel satisfied while working. It takes time…

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Trucking company with open-door policy

Driving a truck for sisbro

Sisbro Inc. has an open-door policy for our team. We pair each driver with a fleet manager to address all their immediate needs, but sometimes there are concerns that cannot be addressed on that level. That’s when we ask that you speak to upper management to ensure that someone hears your concerns. Our open-door policy…

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Storm safety for truckers

vicious looking storm with lightning over a field

Driving in the middle of a bad storm is dangerous for all motorists – from those steering sedans to those navigating SUVs. But it’s especially treacherous for truckers. Think about it: Truckers are maneuvering up to 80,000 pounds of steel and rubber through rainstorms, high winds, tornadoes, and blizzards. That means safety tips for truck…

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