Embrace safety in the ice and the cold

Cars and trucks driving on snow packed roads taken through a windshield covered with snowflakes.

Wet and harsh winter months require so much more than just your hands at 10 and 2. Staying safe on the road means being prepared for whatever winter weather can throw at you!  As driving conditions deteriorate to less than ideal conditions, fleets and drivers can rely on safety technology and teamwork. At Sisbro, we…

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Beating stress on the road

aerial shot of truck leaving lot

When you’re a truck driver, you understand the meaning of stress. You might have weather issues, road construction, traffic, and even long hours away from home. We know it’s got to be tough being away from family and friends while you’re on the road. All of this can feel like a lot to manage and…

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Better sleep for truck drivers

Side of a Sisbro truck

Truck drivers are often know for their struggles with sleep. We’re always told that we need 8 hours of sleep, but that’s easier said than done! Plus, if we’re not getting good quality sleep, it doesn’t matter how long we’re down for, we won’t be properly rested for the next day. Think about it –…

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Getting truck drivers home more often

truck leaving the Sisbro lot

When it comes to truck driving, sometimes it’s about more than the money. The amount of green in your pocket is always important, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Talk to most drivers and they’ll tell you that home time is one of the things they prioritize the most when choosing a carrier…

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Is a small trucking company right for you?

Truck Driving Benefits Sisbro

Truck drivers have a big decision to make. Should I go for a big trucking company or should I stick with a smaller family-type company. That question depends mostly on what you’re looking to get out of your trucking experience. Working for a smaller trucking company definitely has its benefits especially if you’re looking for…

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Tips for maximizing sleep on the road

Sisbro truck

When you’re on the road, it’s hard to tell when that sweet beautiful sleep will come. That’s why it’s important to take some tips along with you on your next long haul to help make sure you’re getting enough rest while in the truck. Make the best of any sleep time you have When working…

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Sleep and meditation apps for truckers

start the truck

Technology has a lot of great tools to help us today. For example, sleep and meditation apps are very useful and effective. They are great to help wind you down after stressful hours of driving. These are a few of our personal favorite apps and devices that really work, if you make using them a…

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Feel at home as a truck driver

sisbro truck driver

A big part of driver retention for a trucking company is to make the drivers feel like individuals instead of just another number or dot on the road. There are three things Sisbro concentrates on to make our business successful. We make you feel like part of the family. When you’re hired, we learn your…

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Dedicated truck driving in the new year

Sisbro Truck Driver-Cody Cecil

Dedicated truck drivers usually work for only one company at a time. These drivers don’t usually own their own trucks, but will drive the trucks provided by the company they are employed with. An example a dedicated driver’s routine is simple – think of a driver that picks up a delivery for a big box…

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A day in the life of a truck driver

side of sisbro truck

You’re probably wondering about what life on the road is really like. Many of our drivers say the job of a truck driver is not a job at all; it’s more of a lifestyle that takes a massive amount of dedication and a certain type of personality. A day in the life of a truck…

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