We hope our FAQ’s give you answers to your questions. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific questions. Your questions matter to us!

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We understand that each driver has different weekend needs. During our orientation, we ask what time you want to begin and end your workweek. Our operations people will plan your dispatch to meet your needs.
You get time off simply by filling out a Sisbro time-off form that states the time you want off. All we ask for is a two-week notice.
Yes, we will. We have many drivers who have special needs, desires and appointments. When you turn in the Sisbro time-off form, we will get you home.
No. The premium is 100% paid for by the company regardless of single or family coverage.
Our mileage pay is based on Rand McNally book miles. The rate of pay is based on experience. The hourly pay applies to loading and unloading.
Holiday is paid after thirty days. The amount is a prorated average of the total days you have worked. You are eligible for one week of vacation after the first year and two weeks after the second year. The amount is a prorated average of your earnings for the entire year.
You will be assigned one fleet manager. It is the fleet manager’s responsibility to take care of all your needs. Some of our fleet managers are former drivers, so they know what it’s like to be on the road.
At Sisbro, you have access to the general manager, Glenn Bemis, who will personally work through any situation that you may have. Driver satisfaction and retention is a top priority and we make the time to speak with you when you need us.
We’re different because we genuinely care. We’re a privately held company, and we have families, too. We understand the need to balance your work life with your personal life. Meeting the needs of our employees is as important to us as meeting the needs of our customers. Our focused, upbeat approach to the challenges we face each day can only be met through a solid working relationship with our employees. This is the difference that you will find at Sisbro.

If you are looking to make a change, we have what you are looking for. It only takes a phone call or a visit to find out what we are all about. Fill out our “fast track” application and take the first step in joining our team.

Yes, we are currently accepting applications from newly trained CDL drivers. We’ll work with you right here on our yard to polish your overall driving skills to include plenty of shifting and dock touches. From there we’ll have you making local runs with a trainer that progressively get longer as you feel more comfortable. Once you and your trainer feel that you are ready for OTR we’ll set you up with runs that will ensure your success. At any time you need additional training or have questions we are always here for you.
Yes, we offer up to $6,000. Please contact us for all the specifics.
Yes. If you currently qualify for Montgomery GI benefits you may be eligible for VA OJT benefits. This equates to roughly $1,200 extra a month paid directly to you from the VA while training.