Passenger Liability Release Form

I/We Driver Name for the consideration for the transportation of Passenger Name do hereby release, acquit and forever discharge Sisbro Incorporated / Shipper Rental Company from any and all action sand demands, costs, loss of service, expenses and compensation of or rising out of any and all known and unknown personal injuries and/or property damages resulting from any accident or occurrence suffered while traveling on the vehicle known as unit #Unit, which is owned by Shippers Rental Company or any truck or tractor leased to or owned by Sisbro Incorporated. It is further agreed and acknowledged that the person granted this transportation is specifically restricted from the active operation or driving of the said vehicle and that in the event of any breach of this agreement to save and hold harmless Sisbro Incorporated and Shippers Rental Company from any and all losses, costs, charges, damages, counsel fees, claims or any expenses whatsoever resulting from any accident or occurrence of any nature.

I / We understand that all authorized passengers must be of an employee’s or leased operator’s immediate family and that all dependent children must be at least ten (10) years of age.
Please provide your email if you would like a copy of this form once it has been approved by Glenn.