Careers in Commercial Truck Driving

May 2, 2016
Sisbro - Drive Where You Matter

There are many positives to a career in truck driving. Growth in the transportation industry is spurred by the increased adoption of new technologies that allow time-specific delivery and electronic tracking of cargo, according to Hoover’s Online. Nearly 70 percent of freight moved in the U.S. is on trucks.

Trucking jobs are in demand. For independent, hard-working drivers, opportunity abounds.


Truck driver training programs are available at a very affordable cost. For only several thousand dollars and the cost of your state license fees, you can get to work. Compare this to a Bachelor’s Degree in business or another similar four-year degree and you’ll find quite a difference in the financial and time commitment.

Job Security

As the transportation industry continues to grow, Sisbro sees a consistent need for new truck drivers. Our jobs withstand outsourcing and automation, and we need full-time truck drivers to fill our vacancies. While you’ll see driving jobs advertised in nearly every city, Sisbro is a respected, competitive company ready to help you thrive.


Truck driving is a big-picture type of job. If the 9 to 5 lifestyle, stocking shelves, or crunching numbers isn’t for you, driving a truck might be the right fit. Drivers enjoy the freedom of the open road. They don’t have to dress up, and they see new faces every day. Great drivers with a professional demeanor will always have a place at Sisbro.

Reach out to Sisbro if you care about your family and home time and value honesty, flexibility, support, and professionalism.

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