Welcome to the Sisbro Family!
We’ve designed your orientation to Sisbro to be an interesting, personalized and informative experience.

On your first day, we’ll shuttle you from your motel to our facility where Lance, your Driver Support Specialist, will greet you. Next, you’ll meet Earl, our orientation leader, who will show you a quick, interactive DVD. We believe face-to-face interaction helps you feel more comfortable and at home, helping to relieve some of the stress that often comes with a new job.

After your road test… Earl will take you to lunch at one of Quincy’s nicer restaurants. When lunch is over and your physical is complete, you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy some of the sites in Quincy and just relax.

On Day Two, we get the paperwork out of the way in the morning, then take you to lunch at another great spot. After dessert, we’ll take you on a tour of our facilities, including our shops and drop lots. When we get back to the Sisbro office, we’ll answer any questions you may have and then explain the Sisbro health insurance program to you … which is ABSOLUTELY FREE, with NO PREMIUM to our drivers!

After that, we’ll introduce you to our management team, great people who have a lot of experience in the trucking industry and people who share your values:

Glenn Bemis, General Manager
Lance Stott, Driver Support Specialist
Glenn Meyers, Director of Safety

You’ll also meet your personal fleet manager, so as a Sisbro driver, you’ll get a feel for our open, friendly atmosphere.

Then on Day Three, you’ll have a meeting with Glenn Meyers, our Safety Director, to review the DOT regulations and how you will contribute to Sisbro’s safety record. And finally, you’ll be issued your truck and your first Sisbro load!

We’re happy to have you join our team!