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Commercial Driver - Application for Employment

Please complete the following information as accurately as possible. Include all employers worked for in the last three years and include all commercial driving employers worked for in the last ten years.
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Authorization To Inquire Into Current and Past Employment

By completing this application, and depressing the “Submit” button, I hereby authorize Sisbro, Inc. and its affiliates to contact my current and previous employers, in order to obtain consumer reports regarding my Motor Vehicle Record, as well as employment history. I also authorize my previous employers to release all records of my employment to include, but not limited to, nature of employment, dates of employment, character and fitness reports, results of any drug/alcohol tests performed by the employer, including any refusals to be tested, to Sisbro, Inc. and its affiliates. I agree to release Sisbro, Inc, its affiliated companies, and my previous employers of any and all claims of liability that may result in information released.